LV classic bag review


On March 6th, Louis Vuitton women’s Fall-winter 2019 show draws a full stop for this season’s Paris Fashion Week as the finale.

In this fashion week show, Louis Vuitton women’s art director Nicolas Ghesquière moved the Fall-winter 2019 show to the Centre Pompidou in Paris. It is said that the fashion collection around the Centre Pompidou is the source of inspiration for the new series of Louis Vuitton.

The Centre Pompidou is now considered as one of the most iconic buildings of the 20th century, but at the beginning of its birth, it was nicknamed the “refinery” by critics and was controversial throughout the 1970s.

This time, Nicolas Ghesquière follows the footsteps of the Pompidou Centre architects Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers, and is not afraid of the controversy, aiming to showcase Louis Vuitton’s new personality.

The Centre Pompidou reveals futuristicism and inherits the Utopia style of the 1960s.

This season’s show of LV is featured with a sense of fluidity, green water pipes, blue air conditioning pipes, yellow power lines, red seats, red and colorful, crisscrossing pipes everywhere, and Hippie highlights from the factory, street flavors, ever-changing lines, which creates a futuristic look.

As the big show of the Paris Fashion Week finale, Louis Vuitton’s innovative design is highly regarded every year, and this year is no exception.

2019 Autumn and winter women’s collections, changed the cautious route of the former insurance, launched a lot of “freakish” costumes, bags, such as this LV EGG handbag, also known as ostrich eggs.

It is said that this seemingly tough “dinosaur egg” officially uses a thermoforming technology that blends the classic Monogram canvas with calfskin into an oval shape, which reflects Louis Vuitton’s superior boxing technology.

This EGG handbag with classic LV Monogram style is double-sided in different colors, one side is the timeless Monogram canvas, the other side is black, with a chain, can be diagonally crossed, and can also be handcuffed. Of course, in addition to the classic LV Monogram canvas, it also offers a lot of rare leather styles.

The Lv EGG handbag is a round shape, even though it looks small, but the capacity can be much larger than it looks! Cell phones, air cushions BB, lipsticks, makeup mirrors, paper towels, etc. can be safely stuffed in, and the capacity is quite considerable.

After knowing this latest Lv egg bag, what are your thoughts? The blogger personally thinks it is very cute and special. And I believe that there will be many affordable replica products on the market very soon, which is remarkably worth waiting for.