Louis Vuitton men bag review


LV’s full name is Louis Vuitton, but more well known is Louis Vuitton’s ever-increasing uppercase letter combination LV. The bags it offers not only make millions of fashionistas madness but also often appear in the hands of noble celebrities.

Nowadays, high imitation products are getting better and better, more and more advanced, and some can even make people can’t be distinguished with extra-expensive genuine LV handbags! In fact, countless fashionistas don’t mind buying replica brand-name bags, which is considered to be high-quality and cost-friendly! It can be seen that the top-end replica designer bag has reached the peak of its peak. The blogger is going to explore the facts with this copy LV M44052 Monogram Eclipse Steamer backpack as an example.

Inspired by the old Louis Vuitton Steamer handbag, this Steamer backpack gives avant-garde nostalgic flavors thanks to the chic new pocket shape.

Look at the overall appearance of the bag firstly, it looks the same as the original one and the material is also soft Epi leather, the feel of the touch is also very awesome. Although the shape is stiff and stylish, the leather is still very soft, ensuring that it will not get rid of even when it is not loaded.

The black flip part is completely neat and tidy. There is no off-line and the line is explosive, which mean that the workmanship is extremely superior.

After opening the flip, the monogram pattern inside is the same as the original ones. More, like the original, the bag has a built-in quilted compartment and a built-in double patch pocket.

The overall pattern on the back is clear and there is no virtual side.

The back shoulder straps are connected with stainless steel fittings, which are round and sleek and have no rough feel of low-grade hardware.

The logo in the bag is clearly printed and the lines are neat.

This knock-off it backpack of Louis Vuitton Steamer series uses a drawstring and buckle closure system, and each hardware is attached with a security film, which is very carefully handled. Unpacking and found that the hardware is really refined.

Summary: This clone Louis Vuitton backpack has rather exquisite hardware, and remarkable workmanship. As a work bag or a travel bag, it is always a good choice because it has a dual style of business and leisure. The size is 32.0 x 45.0 x 16.0 cm. The package content is large enough, and the computer files can be neatly placed. Clothes that go out for 2 days can also be stored. With it on your back, you are the most eye-catching one in the crowd~. Personally, I think it is extremely worth buying, what about you?