Summer Gone?

Summer Gone?

The summer is almost gone, and museums in Iceland are preparing for the new season after the extended extravaganza of the Reykjavík Arts Festival that focused for the first time on the visual arts.

It has been a busy time at the Center for Icelandic Art, and its reception in the first months of operation bode well for the future. As artists and other art professionals return from their vacations we will be hard-pressed to keep up with the stream of exhibitions, here in Iceland and abroad. Artists here—and their ever-expanding circle of friends and collaborators around the world—should keep us informed of their activities and we, in turn, will seek to tell our readers what’s what and help them sort out the details.

In this fourth issue of LIST we introduce three Icelandic artists, including Steina Vasulka, who has also favored us with an interview in which we explore her long career at the forefront of film and video art, here in Iceland and in the United States, where she has lived since the 1960s with her husband and collaborator, Woody Vasulka. The first part of the interview is released here with the second half due in next month’s issue.

Also included is the first part of a series of articles detailing the involvement of artists in urban planning in Reykjavík and the history and extent of public art in the city. We also anticipate the planned Icelandic invasion in Berlin, accompanying the 10th Art Forum, where a contingent from KlinK & BanK will represent their 140-strong collective in Reykjavík along with other Icelanders, including Gabríela Friðriksdóttir, returning from her successful exhibition at the Venice Biennale.

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