Real-Time Festival for Second Year Running

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A Bimonthly Web Magazine: September/October 2007

Sequences 2007:

Real-Time Festival for
Second Year Running

Summer is over and Reykjavik gets prepared for a hot October with two young festivals attracting art and music lovers: SEQUENCES and AIRWAVES.

SEQUENCES real-time art festival will be held for the second time 12-21st of October. SEQUENCES emerged out of the art scene and is a low-budget festival which lives from the creative unfiltered energy of the artists in Iceland. The festival focuses on time-based art and links especially music and performance art with the visual arts, such as video, vj-ing and performance. The festival will take place in different locations in the city center of Reykjav�k, accompanied by exhibitions and video/film nights.

The artists participating this year range from some of the most respected Icelandic artists including: Magn�s P�lsson, Steingr�mur Eyfj�rd and Ragna R�bertsd�ttir to some of the best known contemporary artists like The Icelandic Love Corporation, Ragnar Kjartansson and newcomers Kolbeinn Hugi H�skuldsson and MoMs. Accompanying the Icelanders are a wide range of foreign artists all working with time based art such as Doug Henderson (US) and Mader| Stublic | Wiermann (DE). The venues this year are very diverse and range from The National Gallery of Iceland to cutting edge spaces like The Lost Horse gallery. More unconventional spaces are for instance the teletext and the new art magazine Sj�nauki.

Sequences collaborated with music festival AIRWAVES 2006 and this year it will be even more so. Not only in events, like creating visuals for concerts and performances/music happenings but also in promotion. Over this period of time in October the city will be filled with music and art cross bordering with each other.


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