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Iceland on the Canale Grande

Icelandic Art News
A Bimonthly Web Magazine: February 2007

In 2001, Iceland was represented at the Biennale by Finnbogi Pétursson who transformed the pavilion into a kind of loudspeaker. He was of course visited by Eva and Adele, prominent guests at every major art event.






Getting Ready for Venice

Iceland on the Canale Grande

In the last few years, Iceland has been gradually building its representation in the Venice Biennale with more preparation and funding than before. The results have been seen in stronger exhibitions in the little pavilion at the heart of the Giardini where the main sections of the Biennale are mounted. Built in 1956 by Alvar Alto, it was supposed to be a temporary structure for the Finnish represetnation of the time. Finland later rented the pavilion to Iceland which has used it since 1984. This year, however, Finland had plans for it so the Icelandic exhibition of new works by artist Steingrímur Eyfjörð is being housed in another part of the city, close to the centre on the Grand Canal itself. While it is, of course, sad not to be returning to Alto’s small but well-placed building, we have high hopes for Steingrímur’s exhibition and the new location provides more space, which is a welcome advantage. In this issue we look back at the history of Iceland’s participation at Venice and in the next issue we will be taking a closer look at what we can expect from Steingrímur when he opens there in June.

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