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Autum brings Awards, Festivals and Fresh Protests

August and September 2006

The picture shows artist Ósk Vilhjálmsdóttir completing her piece in the Cologne Iceland Art Festival last winter, highlighting the ecological damage being done in the Icelandic highlands. Osk has spent most of this summer in the highlands, taking visitors to the areas that are now to be sunk under a reservoir to provide energy to a new aluminum smelting plant in eastern Icleand, a project that has mobilized many artists into protest.




Autum brings Awards, Festivals and Fresh Protests

CIA.IS hosts a new art festival this autumn, featuring time-based art by Icelanders and visitors from abroad, showing in venues all over town. Exhibitions are also opening in galleries and museums as the season gets under way and the Icelanders settle down after their summer adventrues – or not. Many are still angry and protesting loudly at the hydroelectric power station being built in Kárahnjúkar in the Icelandic highlands. The cause has mobilized many artists and the subject of conservation, multinational industry and the responsible use of natural resources is, and undoubtedly will be this winter, prominent in exhibitions and art events. We will try to sum up some of this activity in the next issue of List.

Meanwhile, readers can hear about the Icelandic Visual Arts Awards and Ólafur Elíasson’s participation in the Venice Architectual Biennale. We also welcome a new writer, Karolina Boguslawska, who documents the electrifying performances of the Gelitin group in Reykjavik this summer.


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