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Editorial: Sick for Home

Part of Katrín Sigurðardóttir’s work in the HOMESICK exhibition in Akureyri






Christian Schoen

Editorial: Sick for Home

It is abviously not anachronistic anymore to discuss the role of national or cultural identity. No, globalisation is not dead, but it seems that those who believed that a borderless market leads automatically to a homogeneous and peaceful cohabit of men have failed. More or less hidden in daily news the topic of identity is ubiquitous and the coming up football world cup will dominate this issue in the next months on a very superficial level. The globe seems to be shrinking to a village but does that consequently mean that this village will become our hometown? When an exhibition project brings together countries like Turkey, Israel, Switzerland and Iceland, there is an obvious temptation to compare the countries. While the combination of countries on the edge of the European Union is by no means coincidental, a comparative approach could at best be adopted playfully. In principle, the selected combination of countries is to be judged exemplarily since he project is not about finding conclusive answers but much more about asking general questions. The exhibition with the loaded title HOMESICK in Akureyri includes artists from four nations dealing with the overall question of identity. The show forms the starting point of a dynamic project. It is quite significant that this project, which raises the universal question of home, was kicked off in a rather small city close to the arctic circle before it will travel to the other participating countries. For us this is reason enough to focus on the topic of home in this issue. 

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